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End is nearFriday is the last day for Preachers Institute Matching Grant donation drive.

Several prospective donors are concerned that they may be giving to a status quo ministry site. I confess my astonishment over it. Preachers Institute has, for five years, and without any institutional help of any kind, offered what no one else in the world offers – and all for free! – Orthodox, patristic sermons, in depth articles on Biblical truth, Homiletic helps for pastors and teachers, and so much more.

And there is more.

Here is what you can expect in the next few months from Preachers Institute:

  • A series of articles not only debunking, but explaining the danger of, Rapture theology in anticipation of  the Oct. 2014 release of Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage;
  • A parish study guide about the End Times and not being derailed by Rapture-mania;
  • Articles to help properly navigate Rapture-mania in the parish or small group;
  • Orthodox responses to dispensational theology (which is an integral part of Rapture theology);
  • More on the origin and development of Rapture theology;
  • More on the ‘churches’ which formed as a direct result of Rapture-mania;
  • just how much money is made in Rapture-mania;
  • and more.

icon-matching-grantDoes this interest you? Can you make a donation, however small, today to see that this information is available to our priests, bishops, preachers, teachers, youth leaders, and homeschooling moms?

Join me today and make your donation NOW.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous friend, your donation will be matched, up to $5,000, but it all ends Friday.

Help us prepare others to teach the truth about Christ.

It matters. Your donation matters.

CLICK HERE and give what you can, however large or small.


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