Ebook: Sermons on the Feasts of the Theotokos

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Of the Twelve Great Feasts, five are devoted to events in the life of the Virgin Mary, and are considered important theologically – hence their inclusion in the Great Festal cycle.

THEOTOKOScoverThe following sermons were written and preached by our venerable fathers and saints;

  • Andrew of Crete,
  • Gregory Palamas,
  • Sophronius of Jerusalem,
  • Proclus of Constantinople,
  • Gregory the Wonderworker,
  • Leo the Great,
  • Ambrose of Milan,
  • Augustine of Hippo,
  • Theodore the Studite, and
  • John of Damascus.

It is my hope that they will inspire parish clergy to take up this homiletic tradition and carry it forth into the new millennium, and that it will instruct laymen in the mystery and reality celebrated and contained in these Great Feasts.

These excellent samples of patristic homilies on the most holy Theotokos will inspire you, edify you, and provide you with sermon prep material all year long.



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