The Spiritual Pathology of Sola Scriptura

by Fr. John Guy Winfrey I was recently asked by an old friend of mine to address sola scriptura from the stand point of spiritual pathology, or more closely to his words, what does this do to one’s soul and how does one heal that? For decades Orthodox Christians have written about sola scriptura in […]

A Sharp Dressed Man

by Fr. John Moses You’ve heard it said that “clothes make the man.” If that is true then I am an unmade man. Fashion and I have never been friends although there have been times when I tried to warm up to it. In the past, I have enjoyed the feel of new and well […]

The Shape of the Lord’s Prayer

by Fr. Sava Medakovic And to everyone who has ever attended one of my Bible studies – see, I was right! In biblical studies there has been a group of scholars who have been looking at the shape or the literary structure of scripture to determine more precisely the author’s intended meaning of scriptural passages. […]

Epistle on Islam and Muslims

Selected from the saint’s letters; sections on Islam and Muslims. by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov  Vainly and erroneously you think and say that virtuous… Muslims will be saved, that is they will join intercourse with God! Vainly you consider the contrary notion a novelty, a brief error! No! Such is the eternal teaching of the true […]

On Infant Baptism – Is it Biblical?

by Robert Arakaki Another exceptionally well written and reasoned piece, from the Reformed-Orthodox bridge. Martin wrote: I have a question. Baptists and Pentecostals say infant baptism is not biblical.  Do we find infant baptisms in the Bible? I heard someone say that this practice started around year 200. Where can I find the earliest teachings […]

Today Only: $5.00 Sale

Friends of Preachers Institute, Today only EVERYTHING in the Preachers Institute online store is only $5.00 This pre-holiday sale ends on Thanskgiving Day, that is – it’s over Wednesday night –  so if you’ve been waiting to find a particular Ebook at discount, this is your chance. Any of these ebooks is a great help […]

The Nativity Fast & The Orthodox Tradition

We are into the Nativity Fast. For us, the Nativity Fast serves to refresh the last part of the year – mystically renewing our spiritual unity with God and preparing us for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ. St. Leo the Great wrote: “Four periods [of the year] have been set aside as times […]

“Messianic Christians”: A Feeble Attempt at Restoring Ancient Christianity

by Abbot Tryphon The “Messianic Christians” are a heretical group whose claim of reestablishing ancient “Jewish Christianity”, is a denial of the Orthodox Church’s claim to be the very Church founded by Christ Himself. These people are simply attempting to reestablish a Church that has already existed, unchanged, since 33 A.D. Like other “denominations”, they […]