Homily on the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist

by St. Justin Popovich Today is a little Great Friday, a second Great Friday. For today the greatest man among those born of women, John, the Holy Forerunner and Baptiser of the Lord, is murdered. On Great Friday, people murdered God, crucified God. On today’s holy great feast, people murdered the greatest of all men. […]

On Divine Providence: The Incomprehensibility of God’s Judgments

by St. John of Tobolsk Throughout the course of our entire life we must often repeat King David’s utterance: “Thy righteousness is like the great mountains, O Lord; Thy judgments are a great deep” (Psalm 36:6). This depth is illustrated in the Bible in the example of the two high-ranking servants of the Egyptian Pharaoh: […]

On Divine Providence: God allows Misfortunes and Sins for the Good of Man

by St. John of Tobolsk Since neither the devil, nor any person can do evil to another without God’s allowance of it, let us examine the following: what God allows, how He allows it, and for what reason does this allowance come about? We must differentiate between two kinds of allowed evils. The first kind […]