The Jewish Roots Of Baptism

by Kaufmann Kohler and Samuel Krauss This is an article from the Jewish Encyclopedia, published from 1901-1906. While it naturally does not address the sacramental nature of Christian Baptism, it does provide an excellent answer to what John the Forerunner was doing when he began baptizing penitents in the Jordan river. Baptism A religious ablution […]

The Mystery of Christ’s Baptism

by Fr. Stephen Freeman This week, the Church moves from the feast of Christmas to the feast of Theophany – the celebration of the Baptism of Christ. The intent of this feast is not to celebrate a succession of historical events (the Baptism of Christ is at least 30 years later than His birth). Rather this feast takes us […]

The Anti-Christ and Chrismation

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Navpaktos “Hence, the Shepherds of the Church must not speak only about the Antichrist and his forerunners, but first and foremost they must help Christians to live in such a way that the Grace of Baptism and Chrismation is activated, by the keeping of Christ’s commandments and doctrines, by experiencing these […]

Why Did Christ Need Baptism

A question asked by many is, “Why did Jesus need to be baptized?” To answer this, let’s first explore the nature of baptism as explained by Saint John Chrysostom. Jewish Baptism Saint John Chrysostom points out that the Jewish Baptism was one of cleansing. He says, There was a Jewish baptism, which cleansed from bodily […]

On The Waters of Holy Baptism

by St. Basil the Great Our father among the saints Basil the Great (ca. 330 – January 1, 379), was bishop of Caesarea, a leading churchman in the 4th century. The Church considers him a saint and one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, together with Saints Gregory the Theologian (Gregory Nazianzus) and John Chrysostom. Basil, […]