The Venerable Womb of the Virgin

by St. Gregory the Theologian Theotokos, not Christotokos. If anyone does not consider holy Mary to be the Theotokos, then he does not accept the divinity of Christ. … If anyone does not believe the holy Mary to be theTheotokos, he is without the Divinity. If anyone should say that Christ passed through the Virgin as […]

A New Kind Of Death

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon However we are to treat the “necessity” Christ ascribes to his Passion, we should not speak of it as a physical necessity. It was not an mere instance of second law of thermodynamics. Nor—to pose the question theologically—can we say that Jesus had to die in the same sense that […]

On The Failures of “General” Christology

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In orthodox formulations of Christology, there exists an ongoing and apparently irreducible quandary: How should we speak of the obviously “special” quality of Christ’s humanity without compromising the principle that he was “made like unto his brethren” (Hebrews 2:17)? Or, to put the question from the opposite direction, how should […]

The Arena of Christ’s Soul

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In this article, Fr. Patrick somewhat confirms my idea that spiritual warfare is, in many ways, a war of intelligence (in the military sense). Over the centuries preachers and hymnographers have declared that the shedding of a single drop of Christ’s blood—una stilla, wrote St. Thomas Aquinas—would have sufficed for […]

Christ: The Trojan Horse of Redemption

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon I have always thought that spiritual warfare is often a war of intelligence (looking strong where you are weak, looking weak where you are strong, knowing what the enemy isn’t aware you know, etc.) and in this excellent article, Fr. Patrick points out that the humble Christ the Victim was […]

A New Direction for Death

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon According to the structure of the Canonical Hours in Western monasticism, two specific psalms were traditionally appointed for Thursday Matins: Psalms 87 and 89 (Hebrew 88 and 90) (Cf. The Rule of Saint Benedict, Ch. 13). The choice of these two psalms appears to be related to the Lord’s Agony […]

Rapturemania is Nothing New

On the Second Coming of Christ An Interview with Elder Cleopa Inquirer: Father, what can you tell us about the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ? Elder Cleopa: Christ’s true Church provides us with a number of apt testimonies which show that God did not entrust this date to anyone, neither to angels, nor to men, nor even to […]

A Load That Can Be Carried Without Violating the Sabbath

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Sometimes in the Gospels we find an abrupt transition of contrasting scenes to convey an irony fundamental to the Gospel itself. For example, strength made perfect in infirmity, or the wisdom revealed to the simple. Observe such a contrast, for instance, in the following sequence: “[Jesus says,] ‘Come to me, […]