It is Time for the Lord to Act


by Gabe Martini

Some of the most profound words of the Divine Liturgy are rarely heard.

Standing at the south corner of the altar, the deacon quietly utters to the presiding priest:

“It is time for the Lord to act.”

This phrase sets the tone for everything in our worship. We are not performing some sort of magical act that assuages the deity in our favor, but are rather joining in with the liturgy of eternity; the liturgy of his own actions in our favor; the liturgy which has, and is, and ever shall be taking place; the liturgy which is the great thanksgiving—the great Eucharist—of God.

The words of the deacon are taken from Psalm 118 (Ps. 119 in the MT), verse 126:

It is time for the Lord to act;
they turned away from your law.

While not forgetting the first, we must note the second half of this verse, as well.

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