Dear Friends,

Many of you have enjoyed the many articles, sermons, spiritual writings and helps on my websites for several years now.

It seems like the news is reporting nothing, but that things everywhere are getting darker every day, but I am committed to continuing the online work of offering inquirers around the world the best in opportunities to connect with the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians, clear teaching and Orthodox theology, the writings of the saints and fathers, and encouragement towards holy orders. No one does more with less.

As I am without a parish assignment, and none is available to me, I am seeking a signifcantly greater amount of web design work right now.

Therefore if your ministry, or parish would like a website designed by an award winning designer for a third of the normal cost, this is your day.

Contact me now, and I’ll provide you with what one clergyman has called

The Lamborghini of Websites

Thanks for your support.

Of course, if you do not need a website or outreach consultation, you can still make a significant donation directly to Journey To Orthodoxy, and continue to support the widest online Orthodox outreach in the world.

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Director of the Preachers Institute, priest in the Orthodox Church in America, award-winning graphic designer and media consultant, and non-profit administrator.
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