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About Preaching

Nothing Strikes Fear in the Person Whose Hope is in God

by St. John Maximovitch “Where can I go from Thy Spirit, and where can I escape from Thy presence? If I go up into heaven, Thou art there; if I go down into hades, Thou art present there. If I take up my wings toward the dawn, and make mine abode in the uttermost parts […]

Patristic Sermons

The Books Will Be Opened

by St Symeon the New Theologian God is truth and light, God’s judgement is nothing else than our coming into contact with truth and light. In the day of the Great Judgement all men will appear naked before this penetrating light of truth. The ‘books’ will be opened. What are these ‘books’? They are our […]

Sermon Resources

St. Mark of Ephesus and the Council of Florence

by Vladimir Moss The Fall of Bulgaria in 1393 exposed Constantinople to the Turks, and the West summoned a large army under King Sigismund of Hungary to rescue the first city of Christendom. The two armies met at Nicopolis in 1396. The Turks won… Now the Serbian Despot Stephen Lazarevich was a Turkish vassal, and […]

Growing Your Parish

Orthodox Christian Stewardship

by John G. Panagiotou If you want to know the spiritual state and strength of a church, just look at its stewardship report.  What do Jesus, the Bible, and the Church Fathers say about Tithing and Giving to God? “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”1 These words of Jesus have resonated […]