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About Preaching

Nothing Strikes Fear in the Person Whose Hope is in God

by St. John Maximovitch “Where can I go from Thy Spirit, and where can I escape from Thy presence? If I go up into heaven, Thou art there; if I go down into hades, Thou art present there. If I take up my wings toward the dawn, and make mine abode in the uttermost parts […]

Patristic Sermons

It’s Time to Abuse the Devil

by St. Innocent of Kherson Translation by Jesse Dominick By the grace of God we have, brethren, finished another Holy Lent. Much has been acquired by those who spent it as they ought, but likewise, it’s no small loss for those who didn’t spend it as they ought. The Church doesn’t force anyone to fulfill […]

Sermon Resources

The Holy Fathers on Witchcraft

Venerable Ephraim the Syrian:  Beware of making potions, casting spells, telling fortunes, making storages (talismans) or wearing those made by others: these are not storages, but bonds. Saint John Chrysostom:  “Even if we are sick, it is better to remain sick than to fall into wickedness (resorting to conspiracies) to free ourselves from illness. The demon, even […]

Growing Your Parish

Orthodox Christian Stewardship

by John G. Panagiotou If you want to know the spiritual state and strength of a church, just look at its stewardship report.  What do Jesus, the Bible, and the Church Fathers say about Tithing and Giving to God? “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”1 These words of Jesus have resonated […]