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Reading the Bible the Orthodox Way
Reading the Bible the Orthodox Way
Using a method taught by an Orthodox Christian priest for almost 20 years, you'll learn the easy way, the right way, how to read the Bible according to the 2000 year practice of the Orthodox Church. Now, using this simple method you'll learn the best way to put this important discipline to use for maximum spiritual benefit.
The Orthodox Guide To Pastoral Blogging Ebook
Our Ebook designed especially for our annual "30(40) Days of Blogging." Includes everything you need to get a running start on writing a great blog with a pastoral focus. 56 pages.
Rejecting Rapturemania
Rejecting Rapturemania
Make sense of the Second Coming. This ebook will help Orthodox Christians (and any others) understand what the Rapture is, where it came from, and what the Church teaches, and has always taught, about it, and help you avoid taking theological ideas from the entertainment industry.