The Venerable Womb of the Virgin


by St. Gregory the Theologian

Theotokos, not Christotokos.

If anyone does not consider holy Mary to be the Theotokos, then he does not accept the divinity of Christ.

… If anyone does not believe the holy Mary to be theTheotokos, he is without the Divinity. If anyone should say that Christ passed through the Virgin as through a channel, and was not formed in her at once in a divine and human way – divine because it was without the work of man, human because it was subject to the law of human gestation – he is equally atheistic.

… [T]he whole Adam fell by the fatal taste. Accordingly, in a human manner and beyond the human manner, in the venerable womb of the Virgin, He was shown as God and Man, uniting the two natures in one — one hidden, the other manifest to men.


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