The Old Testament Challenge

The Old Testament Challenge


Coming your way this September! Having offered a New Testament Challenge for the past five years, and receiving numerous requests for an Old Testament Challenge these past few years, I’m happy to say that the Preachers Institute will indeed be sponsoring an Old Testament Challenge this year.

A schedule to allow you to read the entire Old Testament (the Orthodox canon) in 100 days, by reading for one hour a day, with breaks to rest or catch up!

That’s 85% of the Bible!

We’ll have more to announce in the coming days. This is not a little undertaking, but we do have a few things which will make it more fun, more meaningful and more likely to be accomplished.

Priests, Deacons, Subdeacons, Readers, Choir Directors, Choir Singers and Bible study groups!

Starting the Old Testament Challenge

Stay tuned for the next few days. More information is coming soon.

Get ready today! Get the preparation material and get started now!


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