How To Deal With Non-Orthodox Christians


This is the simple, loving answer – the Orthodox answer to dealing with non-Orthodox.

by Fr. Seraphim Rose

fr seraphim rose 2In the end, I think, Father Dimitry Dudko’s attitude is the correct one:

We should view the non-Orthodox as people to whom Orthodoxy has not yet been revealed, as people who are potentially Orthodox (if only we ourselves would give them a better example!).

There is no reason why we cannot call them Christians and be on good terms with them, recognize that we have at least our faith in Christ in common, and live in peace especially with our own families. St. Innocent’s attitude to the Roman Catholics in California is a good example for us.

A harsh, polemical attitude is called for only when the non-Orthodox are trying to take away our flocks or change our teachings.

(Quoted in Not of This World: The Life and Teaching of Fr. Seraphim Rose, pp. 757-758).


How To Deal With Non-Orthodox Christians


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