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On Divine Providence: God allows Misfortunes and Sins for the Good of Man

windblown tree

by St. John of Tobolsk Since neither the devil, nor any person can do evil to another without God’s allowance of it, let us examine the following: what God allows, how He allows it, and for what reason does this allowance come about? We must differentiate between two kinds of allowed evils. The first kind […]

On Divine Providence: All Misfortunes and Disasters Take Place by the Will of God

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by St. John of Tobolsk Everything in the world, even seemingly evil things (except for sin), occurs by the will of God. Theologians explain it in the following manner. The origin of evil is sin. Each sin contains (1) the cause that led to it and (2) its inevitable consequence – correction through punishment. The […]

On Divine Providence: God’s Solicitude for our Needs

Lord of the Sabbath

by St. John of Tobolsk God is the most solicitous caretaker. In His hands He holds all of life’s great and wealthy resources, and only from Him should we ask for them in fervent prayer. The desert-dweller Mark used to say: Whoever has no hope of receiving temporary necessities from God, would have even less […]