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Does Satan Know All the Thoughts & Plans of Man?


by St. Macarius the GreatIf one man is with another person and knows things concerning him, and if you, twenty years old, know things concerning your neighbour, can Satan, who has been with you from birth, not know your thoughts? For he is already many years old. Still we do not say that before he tempts he knows what man will intend to do. For the tempter tempts, but he does not know whether a ... More...

“Christ’s Ascension to Heaven is Also Our Ascension to Heaven”


Christ is Ascended to the heavens! And we with Him!This sermon was originally given at the Monastery of St. Jacob the Persian in Deddeh on June 2, 2011. The Arabic original can be found here.In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.On this day we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ from earth to heaven in his glorified body. You have heard ... More...

How Idol Worshippers Will Be Put To Shame

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by St. Nikolai VelimirovichAs the thief is ashamed when caught, so shall the house of Israel be ashamed: They who say to apiece of wood, 'You are my father' and to a stone 'You gave me birth:' They turn to Me their backs, nottheir faces; yet in time of trouble they cry out,`Rise up and save us !' " (Jeremiah 2: 26-27).In truth brethren, they will all be put to shame who do not see beyond wood and ... More...

The High Christology of the Pre-Pauline Church Creeds

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The primitive Church was far from primitive in their understanding, and expression, of Christology.by Fr. Patrick Henry ReardonThe most primitive confessional formulas of Christology (those preserved, for instance, in Romans 1:3-4 and Galatians 4.4) continued to shape the Church's understanding of Jesus through the second century (Justin and Irenaeus, for instance). This pattern continued into the ... More...

Nothing Created by God is Evil


by St. Maximus the ConfessorNothing created by God is evil. It is not food that is evil but gluttony, not the begetting of children but unchastity, not material things but avarice, not esteem but self-esteem. It is only the misuse of things that is evil, not the things themselves.   ... More...