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Orthodox Christian Stewardship

by John G. Panagiotou If you want to know the spiritual state and strength of a church, just look at its stewardship report.  What do Jesus, the Bible, and the Church Fathers say about Tithing and Giving to God? “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”1 These words of Jesus have resonated […]

The Morality of Gehenna

by Fr. Lawrence Farley In a previous article I attempted to examine the Scriptural, patristic, and canonical evidence for a belief in Universalism, the belief that eventually all will be saved (including, according to many universalists, Satan and the demons). I concluded that the evidence all went the other way, and I reaffirmed the traditional […]

On the Great Blessing of Waters

by St. Sophronius of Jerusalem O Trinity supreme in being, in goodness, and in Godhead, almighty, who watchest over all, invisible, incomprehensible, Maker of spiritual beings and rational natures, innate Goodness, Light that none can approach and that lightens every man that comes into the world: Shine also upon me Thine unworthy servant. Enlighten the eyes […]

How To Worship

by Fr. Dimitri Cozby Every priest is asked questions about behavior during worship, both what should be done to show proper respect in the Lord’s temple and what can be done to achieve more meaningful participation in the services. This article will attempt to address some of the more common questions and concerns; it draws […]

On Marriage

by St. John Chrysostom On Marriage between a Man and Woman If a man and a woman marry to satisfy their sexual appetites, or to further the material aims of themselves or their families, then the union is unlikely to bring blessings. But if a man and a woman marry in order to be companions […]

Conspired Against

by Abbot Tryphon When we are judged and maligned and conspired against Within the life of the Church we sometimes see jealousy, envy, and slander taking center stage. The history of the Church is filled with sad occasions where brothers have heaped attacks on their brothers, with bishops conspiring against bishops, priests conspiring against priests, […]

Inoculating Your Listeners Against the Gospel

Originally published as Inoculating Against the Gospel on Preachers Institute in January 2010, this article is one of our most popular and clearly belongs in the “Bad Sermons 101” category. The questions a preacher must consider when preparing his sermon are many.  One such question must be: “Is my sermon a vaccination against sin and […]

What Did The Jews Identify the Gospel With? Part Two

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It is reasonable, I suppose—or at least natural—for modern students of religion to wonder how the earliest Christians, all them Jews, were able to reconcile their belief in the divinity of Christ with the monotheism enshrined in Israel’s Sh’ma’. Indeed, historians of Christian thought have devoted many studies to that […]