Funeral Arrangements for Archbishop Job

Archbishop Job Osacky

Archbishop Job Osacky

Funeral Arrangements for Archbishop Job

Monday, December 21

Place: Christ the Savior Church, 927 N LaSalle Blvd, Chicago, IL 60610

1- 4 PM Viewing. Body then transported to Holy Trinity Cathedral

Place: Holy Trinity Cathedral, 1121 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60622

6-11 PM Viewing. Panikhida at 7 PM

Tuesday, December 22

Place: Holy Trinity Cathedral

11 Am to 11 PM. Funeral Vigil at 7 PM

Wednesday, December 23

Place: Holy Trinity Cathedral

Funeral Liturgy at 9 AM

After Liturgy body is transported to St. Theodosius Cathedral, Cleveland.

Place: St. Theodosius Cathedral, 733 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

7:30 – 10 PM. Panikhida with viewing at 8 PM

Saturday, December 26

Place: St. John the Baptist Church, 785 Blaire Rd, Blairsville, PA 15717(Black Lick, PA)

Funeral Liturgy with internment at 10 AM

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