Seminarians: Act Now On Opportunities For You

Orthodox seminarians – don’t delay. There are several opportunities for you which you will not want to miss.

Sermon of the Month – students enrolled in an Orthodox seminary in North America are all eligible, and encouraged, to enter. Mark your career early as an effectual preacher of the Gospel. Your sermons will be evaluated by preachers, priests and professors, and you may find yourself the recipient of the Preachers Institute Sermon of the Month award, and maybe, the Seminarian Preacher of the Year.

Festival of Young Preachers– As a National Partner with the Academy of Preachers, Preachers Institute will be taking several young preachers to the festival. As a seminarian, you will have the opportunity to interact with young preachers from all over the country, including many Orthodox young preachers.  It is a fun three days in January this year, and we want a strong Orthodox presence with all students who want to grow in their preaching. Join us at the Festival of Young Preachers and learn more about good preaching in 3 days than you will in 3 months.

(Note: We have several folks asking if only seminarians may attend – any layman, seminarian, deacon or priest, ages 16-28, may participate in the Festival of Young Preachers, and are encouraged to contact the Preachers Institute before registering).

For either opportunity, you can take the same action.

Contact Fr. John A. Peck, director of the Preachers Institute using our handy Contact form.

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