Preaching In The Cyber Age

Originally entitled, “Preaching in the Cyber Church”, Dr. Moody has understood what is already happening. Those who seek Gospel preaching will find it – we must be preaching where they are looking. Having taken Orthodox preachers to the Academy of Preaching’s annual Festival, we can definitely say that every Orthodox Christian above the age of […]

Unexpected Blessings: Festival of Young Preachers 2012

by Jason Ketz This past autumn, about the time that students hit their post-midterm academic lull, I was presented with a curious opportunity. One of my professors, Fr. Sergius Halvorsen, invited members of his homiletics class to apply for an all-expense-paid trip…to Louisville, Kentucky…over Christmas recess…to attend the Festival of Young Preachers! Now to some […]

Seminarians: Act Now On Opportunities For You

Orthodox seminarians – don’t delay. There are several opportunities for you which you will not want to miss. Sermon of the Month – students enrolled in an Orthodox seminary in North America are all eligible, and encouraged, to enter. Mark your career early as an effectual preacher of the Gospel. Your sermons will be evaluated […]

PI Partners With Academy of Preachers

The Preachers Institute, the world’s premier Orthodox Christian homiletics resource, has become a national partner with the Academy of Preachers. The Academy of Preachers is an ecumenical initiative launched through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment and energized by the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of public and social significance, a calling […]