Be Not Far From The Saints

by St. Abba Dorotheus of Gaza

68048.pEven if we have not reached the state of the Saints, and are not worthy to be in their glory, yet we need not fall from Paradise if we are vigilant and strive a little. St. Clement said:

‘Even if someone is not going to be crowned, let him take care not to be far from those who are.’

In the royal palace, there is a great and glorious army: the patricians, the general, the marshall and those responsible for the audiences with the king. All these make up the glorious army, but there are also those who serve for just a little money; and despite that, they are said to be in the army of the king.

They also are inside the palace, although they do not have the glory of the great. Nevertheless, they are inside. Sometimes they progress, and are received into the army of the great. Let us, in the same way, try to escape from the action of sin, in order to avoid Hades. Thus, through the loving kindness of Christ and the prayers of all His Saints, we will be worthy to enter Paradise. Amen.


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