What the Lives of the Saints Actually Show Us

by St. Justin Popovich “In the Lives of the Saints are shown numerous but always certain ways of salvation, enlightenment, sanctification, transfiguration, ‘christification,’ deification; all the ways are shown by which man conquers sin, every sin; conquers passion, every passion; conquers death; conquers the devil, every devil. There is a remedy there for every sin: […]

Be Not Far From The Saints

by St. Abba Dorotheus of Gaza Even if we have not reached the state of the Saints, and are not worthy to be in their glory, yet we need not fall from Paradise if we are vigilant and strive a little. St. Clement said: ‘Even if someone is not going to be crowned, let him […]

The Army Hidden in the World

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon If the true identity of Christ our Lord, his inner Person begotten of the Father, remains a mystery concealed from the world (John 14:22), something similar is also said rightly of those who put their hope in Christ, because they too are defined by their communion with the Father in […]

Our New Feature

Greetings, friends of Preachers Institute, I’m adding a little section to the top of the front page “A Word To The Fore” which will contain a pithy quote containing some wisdom or common sense in an age gone mad. This is just a little thing, but I feel worthwhile. Also, including Scriptural quotes, and quotations […]


Every week in my parish bulletin, I include a short life of one of the saints commemorated in the coming week. (You can find my weekly bulletins here, if you care to see – Weekly Bulletins from Prescott) I try to include a wide variety of saints – well known, obscure, men, women, children, families, […]