Preparing to Take the Old Testament Challenge

by Fr. John A. Peck

Let’s start with a few things.

If you haven’t read the entire Orthodox Old Testament, word for word, before now, you owe it to yourself to take the Old Testament Challenge. I encourage everyone to give it serious consideration so that next year, having read the entire OT, you will no longer qualify for it!

First, I ask that you take the following steps seriously. 100 days to reading the entire Orthodox canon of Old Testament Scripture is not something you can ‘knock out’ in any short period of time (unless all you do is read for about 4 days straight, and do nothing else. Let me know if you do it). It will, without a doubt, take a real commitment, but it can be done, step by step.

The steps I’ve gathered for this challenge are specific and important, necessary even, for seeing the challenge through to the end with value and meaning.

Second, start by getting this short ebook:


You can get it for here or on Amazon for your Kindle

Complete the exercises contained in it by Sept 1st. This is not a cheesy way for me to sell an ebook. Rather, this is the first test of a commitment – it’s easy to think about when it’s free, but add a couple of dollars, and anyone, everyone, thinks twice. I want you to think twice about this, because I want you to begin AND finish, not just give it a half hearted try and when the end of September comes realize you didn’t finish because you didn’t have any skin in the game, so to speak. Get the book. Follow the instructions. Learn what it presents the way it presents it.

Third, when done, follow the instructions at the end of the book. These will guarantee that you have everything ready to begin this important and life-changing undertaking. Yes! It is a commitment (something people today are hard pressed to draw near to), but nothing worth doing in life is easy, and this is very worth doing.

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