Last Preparations for the OT Challenge


by Fr. John A. Peck

This Saturday, Sept. 12, we will direct you to the password for access to the reading schedule in our ebook “Learning the Old Testament the Orthodox Way.” Before we get into the Challenge itself, here is a final checklist of things you should have or have planned for.

  1. Tell your priest you are taking the Challenge, and ask him to bless you. There is a service in the Book of Needs, “A Service of Prayer Before Beginning Any Good Work.” Ask him to pray this service on Sunday for you and any other OT Challenge participants. If he can’t do it Sunday, be there when he schedules it.
  2. Print up the Prayer Before Reading Scripture, if you don’t already have it, and begin each reading session by praying it.
  3. Get A Bible with ALL the Books. This is a challenge for the Orthodox Canon of the Old Testament.

Most other Bibles won’t do, as they will be missing important books from the OT Canon of Scripture. Remember, this is the version of the Old Testment used by our Lord, and quoted in the New Testament by Peter, Paul, Matthew and all the Apostles. It is the Old Testament used by the Church from the beginning, and it is the oldest version of the Old Testament we have in existence today. Remember, the Orthodox Canon has 49 books in the Old Testament. Make sure you have them all. (hint: if 3 Maccabees is in there, you’re probably safe)

Also, while I recommend a print Bible, an electronic reader which is easy on your eyes is probably fine. Your call. Amazon has plenty of Ebook Bibles. 

4.  Join us at the Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective on Facebook. We are putting technology to our use, and sticking together. Don’t miss this important help!

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5. Get fired up! This is a Challenge you’ll probably never do again! So get excited. This is 85%+ of the Bible. The bragging rights alone are worth it.


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