15 Reading Days to Go!


by Fr. John A. Peck

The Old Testament Challenge is about to enter the final phase. This coming week we will depart the Minor Prophets, with Zechariah and Malachi, and move onto the Major Prophets, starting with (of course) the Gospel Prophet – Isaiah.

The finish line is in sight. 

If you are keeping up, then use Sunday as a day to get ahead or take some much needed rest, but don’t relax! Just refresh yourself for these final days.

If you are ahead, I recommend that you take your time with the Major Prophets. Take some notes, make highlights – you’ll find references to Christ in the most surprising places!

And if you are a little delayed, don’t despair. Keep reading! There is still time to knock it out and finish with the rest of us. I would not tell you this if it weren’t true. Don’t give up. Just keep reading.

The end of the Challenge is looming larger on the horizon. Keep Calm and Keep Reading!




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