The Final Countdown… 8

8 days

The Final Countdown… 8 days to go!

Today we wrap up the Jeremiah tradition books of Baruch and Lamentations.

final countdown Jeremiah Baruch

The Prophets Jeremiah and Baruch

The prophet Baruch was the secretary of the Prophet Jeremiah (Jer 32:12; 36:4, 32; 45:1).. Baruch is a prophetic book and is found in the Septuagint and Vulgate Bible. In many versions, the Letter of Jeremiah is added as a sixth chapter. Baruch is not included in Protestant Bibles, but bears relation to several New Testament passages.

  • Luke 13:29 bears relation to Baruch 4:37;
  • John 3:13 bears relation to Baruch 3:29;
  • 1 Cor 10:20 bears relation to Baruch 4:7;
  • John 1:14 bears relation to Baruch 3:38 (numbered 3:37 in most modern translations) as well as to Lev 26:11–12, 1 Kg 8:27, and Psalms 85:9.

A selection from Baruch (which is considered an extension of the Book of Jeremiah, and is announced in the services as “Jeremiah”) is read as one of the eight Paroemia (Old Testament readings) during the Vesperal Divine Liturgy on Christmas Eve.

The book of Lamentations is book of sorrowful songs or poems. The name implies that the topic is expressing grief over something (to lament). No other book of the Bible contains only laments! Jeremiah, also known as the “weeping prophet” writes this after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. It was written soon after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., of which Jeremiah was an eyewitness. He predicted this destruction of Jerusalem, watched it take place, and in Lamentations he is sadly reflecting on it. 

It was written to express despair, and teach Israel that disobedience to the Lord results in suffering and distress. Jeremiah pours out his emotions in compassion, and empathy for God’s nation, as he watches them in exile.

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The Final Countdown. Just keep reading.8

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