The Final Countdown… 6

The Final countdown .. 6 days left

It’s the Final Countdown… 6 Days to go!

As we continue the final countdown, we are plowing through the book of the Prophet Ezekiel. Remember, Ezekiel also foretells of the coming deliverance of God’s nation from captivity in Babylon. It mainly discusses the events during the Babylonian captivity. Ezekiel is a priest who is called by God to deliver His messages.

Ezekiel, no less than Jeremiah, sees the significance of the individual in his relationship to Yahweh. Rejecting the ideas that fathers may be punished for the sins of their sons and the sons punished for the sins of their fathers, he boldly states that the soul that sins shall die. 

Ezekiel delivered the message of doom to the captives. He told several parables, one that compared Israel to an adulterous woman (16:1-63). He taught them that God was cleansing His chosen nation,

“You have borne the penalty of your lewdness and abominations’, the LORD declares” (16:58).

From chapters 25-32, Ezekiel condemns judgment upon seven particular nations who mocked YHWH, the God of Israel because of the captivity; they too would soon see their fate. These nations are Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, Sidon, and Egypt.

It’s the Final Countdown… 6 days to go.

Just. Keep. Reading.

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