The Old Testament Challenge: Victory

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It’s Dec. 24th and the Old Testament Challenge is complete. 

If you still have some catching up to do on your reading, today is your day!

If you have kept up with the reading schedule, you have now read, word for word, the entire Orthodox canon of the Old Testament in 100 days! You have accepted and completed the challenge and labored to victory! Well done! Please inform your priest and your spiritual father that you have done it, so that he may use your example to inspire others.

Please go to our Facebook group page, the Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective, and post your favorite part of the Challenge, especially:

  • Things you learned that you didn’t know;
  • Things you knew but saw in a different light;
  • Things you learned about yourself;
  • Things you learned from others.

Don’t be shy.

Regardless, the Preachers Institute 2015 Old Testament Challenge is over, finished, completed. 

I’d like to thank all of you who signed up and began with us. 100 Days of reading is a challenge to be sure, but it was easier (as you know) doing it together. I’d especially like to thank those of you who posted regularly on the Group page. I encourage you to continue helping out those coming to the end of their scheduled reading a little delayed.

Well done, everyone.

Victory is sweet.

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