Password Access to the 2016 OT Challenge Reading Schedule

Challenge Accepted gate

It is now time to reveal where to find the password for access to the Old Testament Challenge reading schedule. If you have purchased, Learning the Old Testament the Orthodox Way, you have what you need to get started (yes, I don’t mind if you get started early – just be consistent!). Here’s what you need to do;

  • Go to the Chapter entitled “What Next?”
  • The last word of the first sentence in that chapter is the password.
  • Then go HERE, and enter the password. (please do not use phone)
  • Download and print up the schedule.

It’s not just the schedule that you will have access to, but every post on the Old Testament Challenge that we will be making on Preachers Institute. There will be notes, and  you will have access to them all. 

Now, don’t rush into starting your reading yet. Tomorrow, we are going to publish a checklist of final preps for the challenge. Of course, if you want to get a head start, that is fine, but officially, we start the Challenge on Wednesday night (liturgical Thursday), so I hope you will join us for the kickoff! Check our Facebook Group page, The Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective, for the official Kickoff!

If you have not already signed up at our Facebook Group –

The Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective,

I encourage you to join us there, for support, questions, answers (if we know them), fun, and some accountability. Sound off!

Don’t have your Ebook yet?  Get yours now!


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