Merry Christmas

Here at Preachers Institute, we wish to offer a greeting of peace and joy for the Lord’s Nativity. For those on the Old Calendar, Happy St. Herman’s Day (we’ll offer greetings again in Jan.) Enjoy this little virtual Christmas card (on the right) in honor of the Lord’s birth. It is our fervent desire and […]

FINISH LINE: The OT Challenge 2017 is OVER!

With today, Friday, December 23rd, we complete our final reading from the Old Testament Challenge! Well done those of you who kept the pace. If you’re a little behind, no problem! Keep reading. That is why we end on the 23rd – to give you one more day to complete your list. Congratulations to all […]


If you are on schedule with the Old Testament Challenge reading schedule, then today’s reading marks the half way point for the Challenge. Congratulations! This is no mean feat! Some have dropped by the wayside, some are a little behind in their reading, and some are running along next to us. Just keep reading! Today […]

Well Begun is Half Done – and It Has Begun!

With apologies to fellow Orthodox Christian, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. It’s my favorite. by Fr. John A. Peck As of now the 2016 Old Testament Challenge is live. If you have your Ebook and your Prayer before Reading the Scriptures, then you also have your schedule. Get started reading if you already haven’t and check the Facebook […]


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED That’s what I’m posting on my social media today- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED – and I encourage you to do the same. The kickoff for the Old Testament Challenge begins this evening. We’ve had to time to study, time to prepare, time to schedule, time to arrange your notes, get a reading partner, get a blessing, […]

One Day To Go: Old Testament Challenge

by Fr. John A. Peck Since we are now less than two days away from beginning the Old Testament Challenge, we should run through a basic check list of readiness. Bible with all the books of the Orthodox Canon of the Old Testament (the Septuagint Old Testament). Check. Ebook “Learning the Old Testament the Orthodox Way“ […]

Password Access to the 2016 OT Challenge Reading Schedule

It is now time to reveal where to find the password for access to the Old Testament Challenge reading schedule. If you have purchased, Learning the Old Testament the Orthodox Way, you have what you need to get started (yes, I don’t mind if you get started early – just be consistent!). Here’s what you need […]

Are You Ready?

For the Old Testament Challenge    By Fr. John A. Peck By now, you should be well into your preparations if you plan on taking the Old Testament Challenge which starts Sept. 15th. What?! You’ve not started yet?! Well, don’t panic. You are probably not alone, and as people love to jump on the bandwagon […]