FINISH LINE: The OT Challenge 2017 is OVER!

With today, Friday, December 23rd, we complete our final reading from the Old Testament Challenge! Well done those of you who kept the pace.

If you’re a little behind, no problem! Keep reading. That is why we end on the 23rd – to give you one more day to complete your list.

Congratulations to all to began the Challenge this year. It is no mean feat to even begin.

Congratulations to all who completed the Challenge this year! You have done something that few Christians ever do – read the entire Orthodox Old Testament in 100 days! (Or less, right Pam?) You really should share the experience, and how it affected you, with others, especially your priest. Let others know you did it, and it was worth doing!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped keep spirits high.  

As you head into Nativity, attend every service that you can. Pray attentively. Prepare yourself for 30 mins ahead of time in Church, quietly meditating and preparing your spirit for the service to come.

Mostly, encourage others. Some think they could never do it. And I’m not talking just about reading the Old Testament. Smile. Share joy. Look around after the services and greet your fellow worshippers, in or out of Church. 

And of course, remember us in your holy prayers.

In Christ,

Fr. John



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