Reverence in Church


by Abbot Tryphon

God’s house is entered with awe and fear.

We must practice reverence in the temple, whether during services or when we step into the church to light a candle and venerate the holy icons. The temple is the place set apart for the worship of the Holy Trinity and is the place where the Bloodless Sacrifice is offered before the Throne of God.

It is in the temple that we receive the Body and Blood of our Saviour unto remission of sins and unto life everlasting. It is the holy place where we are cleansed of our sins through the threefold immersion of baptism, becoming members of One Body, the Church.

The temple is the place where we seek to be reconciled with God through the Mystery of Penance and enter into the life of the Spirit. The temple is God’s house and must be entered with awe and fear.




Reverence in Church

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