25% Done!


Well done, OT Challenge warriors. You have now completed 25% of the Old Testament Challenge.

Not an easy undertaking, and look back at what we have covered in our readings.

Have you taken personal notes?

Have you highlighted areas where you have questions?

Are you taking note of Christological typologies? Trinitarian allusions? Ecclesiological foreshadowings? I hope so!

We are now out of the Pentateuch and moving through the histories. Just because we don’t hear all of these stories in Sunday school doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful and noteworthy. If you have children or grandchildren, take note! Bring these lesssons to your notes so they are fresh in your mind. These are important happenings in Salvation history.

Are you delayed on the schedule? Don’t worry – keep reading. You’ll catch up. Many of you have already proven that you can (several times!) – keep going!

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