On Orthodox Spiritual Leaders


by St. Symeon the New Theologian

Plead God with prayers and tears for Him to send you a guide who is dispassionate and holy. At the same time, also study the divine Scriptures by yourself and particularly the practical writings of the Holy Fathers; so that by cross-examining the teachings and works of your teacher and leader with these [writings] you may become able to see and to comprehend [his teachings].

And those teachings that are in agreement with the Scriptures, you should adopt and hold them dear in your mind, while the adulterated and foreign ones you should learn to perceive them as such and to turn them away, in order not to be deceived.

For know this: many deceivers and false teachers have come forth in these days”.

[Practical and Theological Chapters 32, by P. Christou in the Library of Greek Fathers — Philokalia of the Neptic and Ascetic Fathers 3, Patristic Editions Gregory Palamas, Thessalonica, p.242]

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