The Truth of Orthodox Anthropology

Transfiguration plays a major role in understanding mankind, the reality and quality of freedom, and the intention of God in the creation of the Universe. by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Gregory the Theologian placed the synthetic —body and soul—quality of human existence in the larger context of the whole created order, within which he distinguished […]

Talking Amongst the Angels

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In the measure that the ascending Christ quits the company of men on earth, he associates himself with the company of the angels in heaven. Saint John testifies that he receives in heaven the homage from “the voice of many angels”: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain / To […]

On The Nine Ranks Of Angels

The nine orders of the angels are divided into three hierarchies, each of which is divided into three orders: the highest, the intermediate, the lower. The first hierarch, the highest and closest to the Most Holy Trinity, consists of SERAPHIM, CHERUBIM, and THRONES. The God-loving six-winged SERAPHIM stand closer than all before their Creator and Maker, […]

On The Angels

by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh The word ‘angel’ comes from the Greek ‘angelos’, which means ‘a messenger’. As far as we are concerned, in the way in which we are related to the angels, they enter into our life as messengers of God. This does not mean that there is not in the angels an […]

The Angels of the Churches in the Revelation of St. John

by Pope St. Gregory the Dialogist of Rome Because Holy Scripture is frequently accustomed to designate the preachers of the Church, by the name of ‘Angels’ because they announce the glory of the heavenly country, we can in this place understand ‘Angels’ to mean holy preachers. For this cause it is that John, in the […]