The Fathers of the Orthodox Church on Abortion

The following represent the teaching of the Orthodox Church on abortion from the [early] second century through the fifth century…. Note that penalties, when they are given, are neither civil nor criminal, but ecclesiastical and pastoral (excommunication for the purpose of inducing repentance). Also note that the these quotes deal with both surgical and chemically […]

The Sermon Outline: The Basics of Deductive Preaching

from Orthodox Ruminations Preaching is an art! It is a craft! Preaching is a calling that can be coupled with the skills of a rhetorician. There is no doubt that the preacher is an orator. I believe that preaching is a skill. Of course preaching is above all else a calling, but I believe sincerely […]

The Church Fathers (and others) On Preaching

Just a collection of some great quotes from the Fathers and other preachers through history on the call of preaching! Not an extensive list of quotes, but some wonderful wisdom here nonetheless: “The scope of our art [of preaching] is to provide the soul with wings, to rescue it from the world and give it […]