The Analogy of Freedom

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Human freedom is an experience before it is a concept. Indeed, even as concept, freedom is extremely elusive. It is hardly surprising that modern science, concerned with precision and objectivity, is distinctly uncomfortable with it. The “scientific method,” with its emphasis on measurement and predictability, finds it much easier to […]

Freedom and Man’s Fall

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It is important that Christians, when they speak of “human nature,” understand this expression in a biblical sense. And when they are told that “human nature does not change,” they should recognize the assertion as more Aristotelian than Christian. When God created human beings, it was precisely for the purpose […]

Freedom and Pentecost

What has Pentecost to do with freedom? What is freedom exactly? What is it not? by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon When we declare that God created the Cosmos in freedom, we mean that nothing outside of God had to be. Modern philosophers seriously ask—as other philosophers, for centuries, implied—why is there something instead of nothing? […]

On Pulpit Freedom

by Abbot Tryphon The necessity of a pastor’s freedom to preach The adoption of the Johnson Amendment in 1954 was the moment the Internal Revenue Service was given the power to dictate what could and could not be preached from American pulpits. With the threat of fines, or even losing tax exempt status for their […]

The Divine Plan: The Simple Elegance of Creation and Freedom

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Let us make man in Our Image, suggested He-Who-Is. We are under no constraint to do so, obviously, but We will do it anyway. It will be an exercise in freedom. The entire enterprise would be rather pointless, moreover, unless We give man the capacity for freedom. Man’s attainment of […]

The Quality of Freedom

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon With respect to the life in Christ it is important to keep in mind two aspects of freedom: First, a correct concept of freedom disinclines us to reduce it to the mere ability to make choices. Thus reduced, indeed, freedom looks more like a potential than a reality. Freedom is […]

A Christian Understanding of Freedom

by Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South (of Blessed Memory) People generally use the word freedom in order to describe two things: the first and perhaps most persistent meaning of the term is simply lack of subjection to any kind of ownership or tyrannical authority, the lack of restriction of one’s actions, the absence […]

Certainty, Freedom and the Perception of Beauty

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Ever since opening the first volume of Tanquerey’s Dogmatics more than a half-century ago, I have sensed an ironic problem in the apologetics of modern Christians: An uncertainty about the meaning of certainty. The root of the problem, I believe, is modern philosophy’s implicit acceptance of rigid scientific and mathematical […]