The Duty Of Standing Fast In Our Liberties

By the Reverend Jacob Duche´ Rector of Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA, the Rev. Jacob Duché (1737–1798) was  the first chaplain to the Continental Congress. A Sermon, Preached in Christ-Church July 7th, 1775.   Before the First Battalion of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia; And now published at their Request.   Galatians, Chap. 5 […]

Before Consigning the Gospel to Writing

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It would be easy to suppose that the Gospels, because they fill the first pages of the New Testament, represent the earliest literary exercise in Christian biography. This is not the case, however; the Epistle to the Galatians predates the earliest of the Gospels (Mark) by more than a decade. […]