The Genius of Chrysostom

by Carl A. Volz John Chrysostom loved to preach. “Preaching improves me,” he once told his congregation. “When I begin to speak, weariness disappears; when I begin to teach, fatigue too disappears. Thus neither sickness itself nor indeed any other obstacle is able to separate me from your love.… For just as you are hungry […]

Do You Wish To Be Happy?

by St. John Chrysostom Do you wish to be happy? Do you want to know how to spend the day truly blessed? I offer you a drink that is spiritual. This is not a drink for drunkenness that would cut off even meaningful speech. This does not cause us to babble. It does not disturb […]

Attending Church: Part 4

by St. John Chrysostom Staying till the dismissal So, you came to church and were granted to meet Christ? Don’t leave if the service hasn’t finished. If you leave before the dismissal, you are guilty as much as a fugitive. When you go to the theater, you don’t leave if the show hasn’t’ finished. You enter church, the […]

Attending Church: Part 3

by St. John Chrysostom Attention and prayer As long as we are in the church let our conduct be proper, as befits a person who is before God. Let us not occupy ourselves with purposeless conversations, but let us stand with fear and dread, with attention and eagerness, with our gaze turned to the ground and our soul […]

Attending Church: Part 2

by St. John Chrysostom Our coming to church So please, I beg you, let’s prefer attending church to any other occupation or care. Let’s run eagerly to church, no matter where we are. Be careful, however. Let no one enter this sacred area having earthly cares or distractions or fears. Once we have left all these outside […]

Attending Church: Part 1

by St. John Chrysostom Churches are spiritual ports Churches resemble ports in the ocean, which God has placed in cities—spiritual ports, wherein whoever of us takes refuge finds indescribable calmness of soul, made dizzy from worldly business. And precisely as a calm and waveless port offers safety to the boats docked there, so also the Church saves from […]

St. John Chrysostom for the 21st Century

  by Fr. Josiah Trenham Originally, we published this outstanding presentation four years ago. It is very worth a read at this time in the history of the Church. This presentation was an address delivered at a Convocation of the Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA on November […]

The Importance of St. John Chrysostom

Is it not excessively ridiculous to seek the good opinion of those whom you would never wish to be like?  – Homilies on the Gospel of Saint John, Homily III Today is the feast day of St. John Chrysostom, one of the greatest preachers who ever walked the earth. During a time when city clergy […]