A New Direction for Death

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon According to the structure of the Canonical Hours in Western monasticism, two specific psalms were traditionally appointed for Thursday Matins: Psalms 87 and 89 (Hebrew 88 and 90) (Cf. The Rule of Saint Benedict, Ch. 13). The choice of these two psalms appears to be related to the Lord’s Agony […]

When You’re Weak and Struggling

by St. John Maximovitch  God’s grace always assists those who struggle, but this does not mean that a struggler is always in the position of a victor. Sometimes in the arena the wild animals did not touch the righteous ones, but by no means were they all preserved untouched. What is important is not victory or […]

Homily on the Long Suffering Job

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich Our father among the saints, Nikolai Velimirovich, was a gifted theologian combining a high level of erudition with the simplicity of a soul steeped in Christ-like love and humility, is often referred to as the “new Chrysostom” for his inspired preaching. As a spiritual father of the Serbian people, he constantly […]

The Cup of Christ

By St. Ignatius Brianchaninov Our father among the saints Ignatius Brianchaninov (1807-1867), was a bishop of the Church of Russia and ascetical writer. In 1857, he was consecrated Bishop of the Caucasus and the Black Sea, but he retired only four years later to devote himself to spiritual writing. He he was a prolific author, […]