St. John Chrysostom for the 21st Century


  by Fr. Josiah Trenham Originally, we published this outstanding presentation four years ago. It is very worth a read at this time in the history of the Church. This presentation was an address delivered at a Convocation of the Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA on November […]

Reading the Bible the Orthodox Way

Reading Tile

by Fr. John A. Peck Using a method taught by an Orthodox Christian priest (me) for almost 20 years, you’ll learn the easy way, the right way, to read the Bible according to the 2000 year practice of the Orthodox Church without confusion and anxiety. Now, using this simple method you’ll learn the best way […]

Breaking Into The Future


MATCHING GRANT DONATIONS ACTIVE NOW! As we passed our 5th year of online work in Orthodox homiletics, I was about to close up shop. I’d spent countless hours, phone calls, emails and resources writing, editing, reviewing and publishing a multitude of articles, essays, helps, and sermons – all for free – in an easy to use (and […]