Suicide: Why the Church Does What it Does

by Fr. John A. Peck “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). The following is an excerpt of a talk on Suicide in Christian History given at the 3rd Annual Orthodox Bioethics Conference held in Daly City, CA and sponsored by the Vicariate for Palestinian/Jordanian Orthodox Christian Communities in the […]

Attendees with Disabilities at the First Ecumenical Council

For the Sunday of the Holy Fathers. If you have parishioners with disabilities, this will encourage them. What heroes of the faith! …The General Council having thus received authority from the king, the fathers directed that there should be gradations in the assembly and that each Bishop should sit in his place according to his […]

Confession in the Early Church Fathers

Yes, Virginia, the early Church practiced confession… in Church. The Early Church Fathers on Confession Here are some quotes from early church fathers which show the sacramental tradition of the Mystery of Confession’s unbroken lineage from the earliest days of the Christian church. Didache 4:14; 14:1As early as 70 AD Confess your sins in church, […]

On The Fear Of God

by Adriane Evans Adams In some people’s minds, it is the terror of an ever-looming threat of the wrath of God, who is watching from the heavens, ready to afflict. This hardly seems to fit the God we know to have loved the world so much that though we were sinners, Christ died for us; […]

A Call for an Orthodox Approach to Scripture

by Fr. Lawrence Farley This excellent article by Fr Lawrence has complete harmony with the Orthodox Tradition and is quite a distant thing from what is often passing for ‘Biblical Studies’ today – within the Orthodox Church today and without. We’ll be bringing you more along these lines shortly. The much needed ‘return to the […]

Hell According To The New Testament

Though Bishop N.T. Wright is not Orthodox (he’s the Anglican Bishop of Durham), he explains very well the Orthodox/New Testament teaching on hell. This was originally entitled “N.T. Wright and the Orthodox View of Hell.” This is only 3 minutes long, but a very nice treatment of a contentious topic – at least, contentious since […]

The Eucharist As Sacrifice

Compiled by Maximus Scott Philip Schaff 1819-1893 The Catholic church, both Greek and Latin, sees in the Eucharist not only a sacramentum, in which God communicates a grace to believers, but at the same time, and in fact mainly, a sacrificium, in which believers really offer to God that which is represented by the sensible […]

Was Adam an Actual or Symbolic Figure, According to the Fathers of the Church?

From the Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries. There are thousands of patristic references to Adam – an immeasurable chaos. However, it will be hard to locate a verse that refers to Adam in an absolutely univocal manner; i.e., a verse that cannot but imply a specific person. An endeavor like this is a difficult one, […]