Something We All Really Need: A Personal Request

by Fr. John A. Peck

(P.S. –  it’s not money)

Dear Fathers, brothers and friends everywhere;

Have you ever googled the following terms:

Orthodox, priest, preaching

I have. I do regularly, with a multitude of similar terms, searching and seeking for good photos of Orthodox clergy delivering sermons. There are very, very few – even fewer good shots with focus, capturing the spirit of the event.

fr-maximus-preaching preaching2 Bishop Job
Fr Gary Kyriacou Fr. Matthew Jackson preaching Bishop Gregorios2
frjeromesanderson2 Fr Evan Armatas Fr Seraphim Holland

I won’t tell you how long it took me to find these nine photos. We need more! This Holy Week and Pascha, I’m asking YOU to help me out – help us ALL out – and get some good pictures of your priest (possibly yourself) giving a short homily at Bridegroom services, preaching at Vespers of Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and on Pascha itself, including Paschal Vespers.

Please – get out your camera. Get the thing in focus and snap some good pics of your favorite clergyman from his good side. We don’t need more of a priest or deacon with a censer, or at the altar, but preaching from wherever he preaches from. If you are fortunate enough to be near a bishop – get a few dozen photos of him preaching also.

I plan to publish them towards the end of Bright Week, possibly on Thomas Sunday. I’ll include a link to your parish website also. Please help out!

This is a personal request, I realize, but it will make it possible for us to demonstrate visually that preaching is very much an integral part of the Orthodox Tradition – and one that is alive and vibrant. We often take it for granted, which is why we don’t photograph it. I will happily use them in the coming year in Preachers Institute stories, or just post them showing the Apostolic Tradition of preaching the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus in the 21st century!

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I’m asking you to photograph it all this week. If you are doing the preaching, please ask your parish photographer to get some photos of you preaching. And send them to me at frjohn ‘at’ preachersinstitute ‘dot’ com, or send me a link to the album they are in via the Contact Form.

Thank you for helping me promote preaching and homiletics in the Orthodox faith, and may the Lord richly bless you for this endeavor.

 – Fr. John

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