On The Necessary Work Of Monasteries

lift up your heartsby Elder Paisios

In a few words, monks are the ‘radio operators’ of Mother Church, and therefore, if they depart far from the world, they do it out of love, departing from the distractions of this world in order to be in better contact with God and help people more effectively.

Of course, when their unit is in danger, some mindless soldiers also share the irrational demand of certain clergymen (i.e., that monks should return to the world).

They say that the radio operator should leave the radio aside and grab his rifle, as if by adding one more gun to the two hundred others he will salvage the situation. While the radio operator clamors to make contact, yelling, ‘calling headquarters, come in , come in’ etc., the others think that he calls pointlessly into the wind. However, astute radio operators pay no attention, even if they are reviled.

They struggle until they make contact and then ask for immediate help from Headquarters pay no attention, even if they are reviled. They struggle until they make contact, and then ask for immediate help from Headquarters and the air forces arrive, as well as the armed forces, the navy, etc.

Thus, in this way, and not with their meager rifles, the unit is saved. The same applies to monks who advance with divine power, with their prayer, and not with their negligible individual powers.

Source: “For Beginners,” Epistles, Holy Monastery Evangelist John the Theologian, Souroti, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002, pp. 32-33.

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