Why Do Babies Sometimes Smile During Divine Liturgy?

by Elder Paisios Q.: I’ve noticed, Elder, that sometimes babies smile at the time of Divine Liturgy. A.: They don’t do that only at the Divine Liturgy. Babies are in constant contact with God, because they’ve got nothing to worry about. What did Christ say about little children? ‘Their angels in heaven continually gaze upon […]

The Wrongly Accused Are the Most Beloved Children of God

By Elder Paisios the Athonite When we consider that the most wrongly accused is Christ, we would receive injustice with joy. Though He was God, He came down to earth out of great love and was enclosed in the womb of the Panagia for nine months. Then, for thirty years He lived quietly. From fifteen […]

On The Necessary Work Of Monasteries

by Elder Paisios In a few words, monks are the ‘radio operators’ of Mother Church, and therefore, if they depart far from the world, they do it out of love, departing from the distractions of this world in order to be in better contact with God and help people more effectively. Of course, when their unit is […]