1919: The Last Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia

By Anthony E. Stivaktakis It is commonly believed that the last Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople took place on May 28, 1453. However, the last Divine Liturgy to really take place in Hagia Sophia was on the 19th of January in 1919, which was officiated by Papa Lefteris Noufrakis (1872-1941) from Rethymno, Crete. […]

Why Do Babies Sometimes Smile During Divine Liturgy?

by Elder Paisios Q.: I’ve noticed, Elder, that sometimes babies smile at the time of Divine Liturgy. A.: They don’t do that only at the Divine Liturgy. Babies are in constant contact with God, because they’ve got nothing to worry about. What did Christ say about little children? ‘Their angels in heaven continually gaze upon […]

It is Time for the Lord to Act

by Gabe Martini Some of the most profound words of the Divine Liturgy are rarely heard. Standing at the south corner of the altar, the deacon quietly utters to the presiding priest: “It is time for the Lord to act.” This phrase sets the tone for everything in our worship. We are not performing some […]

The Divine Liturgy: the Same Today as Described by St Cyril of Jerusalem 1,700 Years Ago

by Marcelo P. Souza By the loving-kindness of God ye have heard sufficiently at our former meetings concerning Baptism, and Chrism, and partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ; and now it is necessary to pass on to what is next in order, meaning to-day to set the crown on the spiritual building of […]

The Basics of Divine Liturgy

Translated by John Sanidopoulos Before I left the Holy Monastery I found an opportunity in a discussion to ask him [Elder Sophrony] about the Divine Liturgy, and he presented me with the basic teaching about it. – “The Priesthood is not given to man as a reward for virtues, but as a gift for the […]

Celebrating The Liturgy

An Account of Celebrating Liturgy with St. John of Kronstadt Every Orthodox Christian priest celebrates the Divine Liturgy at least weekly. The celebration of Liturgy is the supreme act of the Christian priesthood, and brings us closer to Christ, more grace and mercy, than any other act of the spiritual life on this earth. A […]

Divine Liturgy at Hagia Sophia on Sept. 17, 2010?

By Kleo Mavridis Members of the “International Congregation of Agia Sophia” will make a pilgrimage to Agia Sofia in Istanbul in order to conduct divine liturgy on September 17, the day the Orthodox Church celebrates the holy feast day of Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love. During a press conference in Thessaloniki, the President of the […]