Day 5 – Bread or Beer

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The topic for tomorrow – Day 5 – Tues. Nov. 19 of the 2014 30 (40) Days of Blogging Challenge is 


Either or both – they are both staples of the ancient world, they are both made from grain and the labor and inventiveness of man, and they both have to ‘cook’ over a fire.

They are both also made with yeast, which means they are created from life!

And yes, beer is in the Bible. It is usually referred to as ‘strong drink’. See THIS post for information on that: Did Ancient Israelites Drink Beer?

For beer, you can post on patron saints (or beer brewers  – St. Arnulf of Metz, or prosphora bakers – Ss. Spyridon and Nicodemus of the Kiev Caves), on nutrition, on ancient forms of payment, on what daily bread actually means in the Lord’s Prayer, bread as a staple of life, Melchizedek’s sacrifice, on how beer is responsible for the first antibiotic, and the inventions of pasteurization and refrigeration.

Or just how good they taste.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

 – Benjamin Franklin

St. Arnulf of Metz - patron of brewers

St. Arnulf of Metz – patron of brewers


Ss. Spyridon & Nicodemus of the Kiev Caves - Prosphora Bakers

Ss. Spyridon & Nicodemus of the Kiev Caves – Prosphora Bakers

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