Old Testament Challenge: Week 3 Done!

Old Testament Challenge

Well done, Old Testament Challengers! We have now completed week 3 on our schedule!

This means we are… drum roll, please… 20% of the way through our schedule of reading the entire Orthdoox canon of the Old Testament by Christmas!

If you are a little delayed, don’t worry. Keep reading. How many of us have had to use our rest days for a little catching up, and that is what they are for. Just keep reading every day. 

To those of you who fell behind and caught up – your example has been inspirational. Keep up the good work, and keep encouraging others to keep going!

If you’re on schedule, enjoy tomorrow’s rest day. If you’re ambitious, you can use it to read ahead a little and get a jump on our readings. This week, we will be finishing the Pentateuch. What a milestone!

Friends, you’re getting your stride now. Well done! Well done!

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