3 Weeks and 3 Days


That’s what we have left to the Old Testament Challenge! Three weeks and three days to go!

This week, we will be polishing off the Wisdom books, with Sirach, and starting into the Prophets, beginning with the Minor Prophets.

We started strong, so let’s finish strong! We are coming to the home stretch now.

A quick reminder of a few things;

1 – Please check in and keep us up to date on your readings at the Facebook group. I encourage questions and helps on this group site. It is the official forum of this Challenge. In other words, we will be fielding questions and comments there so that we have a single location to act as a question clearinghouse.

2 – Use your paper notebook, and prepare to keep handwritten notes. Use a highlighter in your Bible if you wish, underline if you wish, but keep track of your thoughts, questions, comments, or commentary as you are reading it. It’s okay – it will all have value. Don’t get it right – get it written.

3 – Encourage others who are struggling with you in this effort DAILY. There are several points at which it is common to get bogged down or overwhelmed with busy life – this is a spiritual exericse, and those who take the Challenge will come under spiritual attack. Just walk through it together, and it will disipate like smoke. Stay in touch with your spiritual father as you do this, and stay in touch with all of us.

4 – Finally, please keep spreading the word. A great deal of interest has been shown by folks who just found out about the Challenge. Share pictures on Pinterest from our articles (here is the archive), share bites and challenges on Twitter, get the word out. Let others have the chance to join us in this worthy challenge. This is 85% of the Bible – and most of it hasn’t been read by most everyone you know. That’s worth the effort to get the word out. Let the world know what we are doing!

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And no matter what else, just keep reading, just keep reading…

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