The Final Countdown… 10

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown… 10 Days Left!

Fellow Old Testament Challengers, we are officially in the home stretch. The Final Countdown has begun!

Today we tackle the book of the Prophet Jeremiah chapters 26-38.

Don’t be afraid. Yes, the major prophets are big books, but they are also vitally important for the Christian to know and have read! In our last reading segment, Jeremiah 23 speaks specifically of the Righteous Branch the Lord will raise up. This is covered again in Jeremiah 33.

In The Old Testament there are many instances that we see where there are prophecies about Christ the Branch.

  • Isaiah 4:2 – The Branch of the LORD.
  • Isaiah 11:1 – A Branch will bear fruit.
  • Zechariah 3:8 – My Servant the Branch.
  • Zechariah 6:12-13 – The man whose name is Branch.

The Branch or shoot is used in the Old Testament to signify Christ. When it is talking about a Branch or shoot for or of David it is talking of Christ as a descendent of David. (See Luke 1:31-33). Think about a stump, the tree has been cut off , yet if you leave it there you will find a branch or a shoot that is growing out of it, because though it is cut off, it is not dead. During the Babylonian exile the royal line of David was cut off, but not destroyed. Yet God caused a branch to sprout from that stump. Christ is that righteous branch and He will reign over all of the earth one day.

10 Days to go! Just keep reading!

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