The 2016 Old Testament Challenge

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One month from today, we begin our second Preachers Institute Old Testament Challenge.

What is the Old Testament Challenge?

Like the New Testament Challenge, it will offer a schedule to read the entire Old Testament (according to the Orthodox Canon). If you don’t have one, an Orthodox Study Bible is recommended. Get one HERE.

How long will it take?

100 days, start to finish.

When will it start?

September 15th, 2016 is when the reading schedule, starting with Genesis will begin.

When will it end?

December 24th, 2016 is when the reading schedule ends with the final verses of the book of Daniel.

We are finishing up on Christmas eve, just like the New Testament Challenge did.

Is that it? 

No actually, there’s more. The Old Testament is 85% of the Bible! In order to get the schedule, there will be two things which must be done first. One, get your copy of Reading the Old Testament the Orthodox Way. While it is not absolutely necessary to read, you will need it for locating the password to the reading schedule.

Why should I do it?

The real question is – why should you not?

Why would you not want to?

If you are a layman, and you haven’t read the entire Old Testament, word for word, before – you should. It will ignite your understanding of the Christian faith – Biblical, Theological and Christological themes which you hear in the festal verses every year at every festal service. Too much to grasp? Not once you read the Old Testament with the eye of the Church. We will help you, day by day.

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If you are a reader or subdeacon, this is a great way to fulfill the admonition given at your tonsure or ordination. Add to your experience in Scripture. See the Scriptures come alive as  you run into, time and time again, the verses you read week in and week out; prokeimena, alleluia verses, language taken directly from the Old Testament and used in canons, akathists, Lord I call verses – even Divine Liturgy itself. You can’t afford to miss this chance to step up and accomplish this challenge!

If you are a clergyman, and you haven’t read the entire Old Testament, word for word, before – you should. Having completed this challenge will give you

  • Endless material for preaching teaching, blogging, and journaling;
  • New perspectives on the Liturgical life as well as Lenten readings and themes;
  • A profoundly deeper understanding of the Biblical presentation of important moral issues.
  • Clout with your parishioners as a teacher and interpreter of the Scriptures;

There is no good reason not to complete the challenge if you are a priest, a deacon. 

Here are some articles to help get you ready:

The Four Senses of Scripture

The Levitical Offerings and Sacrifices

Check our Facebook Group page, The Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective, for the official Kickoff!

If you have not already signed up at our Facebook Group –

The Old Testament Challenge Warrior Saints Collective,

I encourage you to join us there, for support, questions, answers (if we know them), fun, and some accountability. Sound off!

Don’t have your Ebook yet?  Get yours now!

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Take the Old Testament Challenge this September.


You can get it for here or on Amazon for your Kindle

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