Challenge Accepted gate


That’s what I’m posting on my social media today- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED – and I encourage you to do the same.

The kickoff for the Old Testament Challenge begins this evening. We’ve had to time to study, time to prepare, time to schedule, time to arrange your notes, get a reading partner, get a blessing, and even time to back out. Now it is time to accept the challenge, and get started.


I know this is no little thing we are doing. Sure, it’s broken into bite sized chunks so it’s easier to do, but it is called a challenge for a reason. 

So, if you have your Bible, your reading schedule, your notebook/journal, your pen, your Prayer before Reading the Scriptures, and your blessing go to our Facebook Group and all of your other social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) , and paste this:


Are you with me? Got your book?




See you there.

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