Annunciation Sermon

by St. Leo the Great St. Leo the Great was the bishop of Rome during difficult times. He was an eminent scholar of Scripture and rhetoric. During an invasion by Attila the Hun, St. Leo met him outside the gates of Rome. After some short words, to everyone’s surprise, Attila turned and left. Three years […]

First Sermon on the Annunciation

by St. Gregory the Wonderworker Our father among the saints, Gregory the Wonderworker, also known as Gregory Thaumaturgus or Gregory of Neocaesarea,  was a Christian bishop of the 3rd century. The Theotokos and Apostle John appeared to St. Gregory in a dream, and taught him about the Holy Trinity.  He was a zealous evangelist. When […]

St. Patrick & Unceasing Prayer of the Heart

A few days ago, we published the Confession of St. Patrick, in honor of that great Enlightener of Ireland. John Sanidopoulos, over at Mystagogy blog, posted a section of this Confession, pointing out St. Patrick’s experience in the hesychast tradition. Astonishing news to some, but this saint was clearly in the Orthodox tradition of interior […]

Sermon On The Annunciation

by St. Proclus of Constantinople Our father among the saints, Proclus, was the Archbishop of Constantinople from 434 to 446. He was a friend and disciple of St. John Chrysostom. He is remembered for his “Tome of Proclus” that peacefully mediated certain doctrinal disputes among the Eastern bishops. His feast day is celebrated on November […]

He Who Quarrels Consoles the Devil

From the editors: Russian Orthodox Christians in San Francisco continue to abide in the light of the memory and celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Church’s glorification of St. John (Maximovich, +1966). “The days of St. John” in San Francisco are usually ended on the day of the Birth of John the Forerunner, when […]

Confession and Communion

From a discussion with the students of the Moscow Theological Academy at the Lavra of Saint Serge with the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios, Hierotheos Vlachos. Question: How many times a year must one receive Holy Communion? Is the Sacrament of Confession necessarily tied to Holy Communion? Answer: Holy Communion is not absolutely linked […]

The Confession of St. Patrick of Ireland

This day is not all about leprechauns, shamrocks and green beer. This is a day to honor and pray to St. Patrick. He was an influential saint who, 1,500 years ago, brought Christianity to the little country of Ireland. He was born about 385 in the British Isles, was carried off while still very young […]

Encyclical Letter for Annunication

As we approach the holy Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord, we offer this encyclical letter from Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco. It is worthy of note that this great feast is the feast of the Incarnation, a powerful statement of the sanctity of life from the very moment of conception, and that as […]